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Stabilise your Stress

Stress can creep into life through many forms. The highest ranking stress issues revolve around finances, loved ones, health, work, trauma and even pregnancy. When one area of life is filled with worry, it filters into others, causing a domino effect. This is why it is crucial to stabilise stress as soon as you notice it.

The journey of Stress

Stress may start in the mind, with a thought of fear or anxiety, alternatively a stressful experience may first take place on a physical level, such as in an accident. Either way, tension moves throughout the body, mind and emotions at a rapid pace resulting in a holistic experience of strain. If not released successfully and completely, stress can remain in ones being, on all levels, for years to come. As time goes by, the trigger points will deepen the neural pathways linked to the stressful event creating symptoms such as insecurity, insomnia, substance dependency, fatigue, anxiety, depression, organ failures and a host of illnesses.

Dealing with Stress

How do you cope with daily stresses? Some people drink a glass of wine, others watch TV or read a book, some prefer exercise and then there are those who ignore the issue hoping it will disappear. Minor issues can often be relieved with easy techniques such as a long, hot soak in the tub or a good chinwag with a close friend. However, if a problem becomes a pattern then a deeper approach is required. Effective management of repeated challenges means facing the situation and then releasing it and, if necessary and possible, replacing it with other options.

Stress Release Techniques

When you find yourself in a stressful situation, it is helpful to know a few easy-to-use techniques that work quickly in calming the nervous system.

  1. Calming the bodyInhale slowly and deeply for 3 counts, exhale slowly and deeply for 4 counts, hold for 5 counts. Repeat for 2 minutes or until you feel the body relax.
  2. Calming the mindRub the sternum with four fingers, up and down vigorously. This is just above where the two rib cages meet. Repeat for 2 minutes or until you feel the mind relax.
  3. Calming the emotions.
    Watch this short clip with clear instructions on how to equilibrate emotions anywhere, anytime.

Taking it further

To manage your own stress is empowering for you and your loved ones. When you are in a position where you are in control of your thoughts, emotions and physical reactions, and not the other way around, then you have the opportunity to thrive in your life. Anything less is mere survival. If you would like to move past the point of survival and take your destiny into your hands, I invite you to join me for a Stress Stabiliser workshop in Cape Town in April and in Johannesburg in May 2017. During this workshop you will be taught a variety of stress releasing tools that can be used anywhere, anytime. Choose to free yourself from the bondage of stress. Choose to thrive.

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