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Does your child easily concentrate, relax, learn new tasks, remember information and interact socially with ease or does s/he struggle in these areas? Psychologists prove time and time again that there is a direct correlation between learning/ behaviour difficulties and brain-body balance.

We all know that the right brain controls the left side of the body and the left brain controls the right side of the body. When a child’s dominant brain hemisphere is on one side and dominant limbs are on the other, this means integration between neurological processing and physical movement is functioning optimally.

When the dominant brain hemisphere and limbs are on the same side, this causes difficulty in:







fine motor skills,

gross motor skills,

self-esteem levels,





You can check for body dominance as follows:

  1. Hand the child an item and see which hand is used to receive it.
  2. Ask the child to kick a ball and see which foot is used to kick it.

Checking for brain dominance is not as easy. You can try this but know it is not 100% accurate. Ask the child to hum a tune (let the child choose) and then ask the child to count. Sometimes, whichever is easier shows brain dominance. Counting shows left brain dominance and humming shows right brain dominance. However, it does depend on how familiar the child is with the tune and the numbers as well as other factors.


Brain-Body-Balancing Exercise

Press the finger tips of left and right hands firmly together;

Breathe deeply and slowly;

Continue for 10 seconds.

Repeat daily indefinitely to see best results.


In Life (Learning-Integration-Fun-Exercise) Therapy sessions with children Helen Hansen, Kinesiologist, tests brain hemisphere dominance using the process of muscle testing. When an imbalance between brain and body dominance shows she uses various exercises to improve the integration. She does not try to shift any dominating area as this will cause stress and may increase the current imbalance.

When a child is given the tools to harmonise the brain-body connection then opportunities for learning and behaviour expand. This means that the child’s overall experience of life improves, along with the internal will to be the best s/he can be.

Email Helen for more info about Life Therapy sessions for your child/school.

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