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Balanced Living

Have you ever woken up and felt, ‘Today is going to be a good day!’. It certainly started that way, even when your loved one took long to get ready and subsequently you were then late for work, you still keep that sunshine feeling. The tipping point came when the sunshine turned into a lightning bolt and started acting out for no reason. This really did it for you. Your lid snapped shut, the water boiled and steam gushed out of your ears. You may have even said something not so polite. Have you ever had one of these days?

What is your perspective?

Let’s look at another scenario. You open your wallet to check your cash content and see one hundred rand note. Do you:

a) feel indifferent?

b) rejoice, “I am abundant”?

c) complain, “I don’t have enough”?

d) Give thanks

Each of the above options has an obviously different attitude towards money and life. Likewise, the perception you have about what others say or what you think others think of you will affect your thoughts, emotions and ultimately your behaviour. So too, how you view your family, friends and other close people in your life will affect your relationships with them. All these steps in the maze add up to the full experience of day to day living.

Support vs Challenge

The key word to look at is ‘perception’ because it can create puzzle pieces that flow into each other, or ones that require a hammer and chisel method. Dr. John Demartini, Human Behaviour Specialist, says, “If you see more support than challenge or more challenge than support, you get illness. If you see a synchronicity of support and challenge simultaneously, you get wellness. What you may label as illness may actually be wellness. The second you balance your mind, your physiology changes. Your psyche and your soma are working together and are designed to have homeostasis which is a negative feedback system to bring your mind back into equilibrium. “ The message here is: you can reset your perception pattern.

Subconscious Triggers

Let’s now go back to the first scenario to see what happened? Something set you off and if you look at the data you see that the words used are not unpleasant, but the tone somehow irks you. You don’t know why. Come to think of it, this particular tone often revs you up. Your conscious cannot recall the link but your subconscious does. Hidden in the depths of your emotional memory is an album of stored hurts. One of them is a scene from your childhood. You were seven years, and a teacher had shouted at you for forgetting your swimming costume. Her tone went through you like a flash, making you tense and scared. It etched in your memory forever, along with the imprint of the sight of all your other classmates watching you from the pool, the smell of chlorine, the splashing sound of water and the trembling of your body. You always understood why you never liked that teacher, but you had never linked your dislike of a certain tone of voice to that particular incident.

We all have hidden memories of which we are unaware. These trigger points will continue to bring up automatic reactions as opposed to conscious responses. Unless the reference point is reset. Here is the good news: one can reset areas of pain with love, peace, calm, assertiveness or whatever you choose. The possibilities of how to transform them are many. The benefits too, are plenty. When an individual is balanced, this person has the ability to bring equilibrium to other people in close (and not so close) proximity. This reminds us of how powerful one can be.

Maintenance is Key to Transformation

When I work through recoding repetitive behaviour with my clients it’s never the starting point that is difficult, but the maintenance. Three weeks into the process is when most people revert to what they have known and experienced for so long. Old habits die hard? Yes, if you choose. It’s up to you. Your willpower is a leading factor in determining whether you will succeed in fulfilling the choices you make in each moment. There is no silver bullet, magic wand or secret, quick formula. It all boils down to discipline, day in and out, the practice of new patterns, day in and day out. No one can do the work for you. Knowing this, would you still like to shift your perceptions and break habits that are holding you back?

If you answered yes, I invite you to join me for a series of Mind-Body techniques. During our in-person or skype sessions we will work on shifting awareness, reformatting destructive brain patterns and creating home frequencies within the body that allow you to live from a place of wellness and wholeness. To book: helen@helenhansen.co

In closing, the words of Lao Tzu, “If you do not change direction you may end up where you are heading”.

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