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What is Energy Psychology Therapy?

To date it has been well documented that the universe and all within are made of energy, not matter. The physical world around is comprised of vibrating particles. This was proven by, amongst others, Niels Bohr, Danish physicist and Nobel prize winning physicist.

Added to this is the astounding fact that our energy signature is one of a kind just as we each have our own unique thumb print.

Furthermore, it is well documented that disease, unstable emotions and re-occurring patterns in relationships are some of the reflectors of an imbalanced field surrounding the body.

Think of a light bulb, when it is on you not only see the bulb which can be touched, you also see the light which is not tangible. Likewise, humans have a tangible body and an intangible energy field around the body.

The frequency in and around the body allows one to sense if a situation is uncomfortable or if someone is not telling the truth. Thereafter, it is felt in the body perhaps as a knot in the stomach or tension in muscles or even nausea. The physical body is the last place we receive signals. Just like with a light bulb, we need to be switched on in order to illuminate the world around us, showing the pathway and sharing our light with others.

If our frequency is low, our light may be dim or flicker, causing us to stumble, literally. We may have accidents, big or small, we may have pain in our body or chaos in relationships. This is all a sign that it is time to assess our whole being.

Aspects that affect the increase or decrease of our energy field and thereby attract wonderful events or disasters into our life are:

  1. Thoughts
  2. Feelings
  3. Breathing
  4. Immediate environment

Energy psychology therapy addresses all of the above giving the receiver the opportunity and the tools to bring balance to both ones outer vibrating current and ones inner physical landscape. Through repetition of highly specialised techniques, new wave patterns in your energy fields, brain hemispheres and molecular cells becomes the norm, empowering you to live a life of calm, joy, abundance and harmony.

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