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Suppressing emotions has serious implications

In many societies it is the norm for parents, teachers or care givers to teach children to suppress their feelings of anger. Yet, how many times do adults get angry when a youngster shouts or behaves aggressively. Ironical isn’t it?

Happy by day, sad/angry by night

As the sands pass through the hour glass and we are repeatedly trained to temper our mood outwardly, inwardly our neural patterns reflect suppression. A study conducted by the Journal of Psychosomatic Research states, “Extreme suppression of anger was the most commonly identified characteristic of 160 breast cancer patients.”

Suppression is not a sustainable solution and neither are haphazard emotional outbursts. Before we delve deeper into solutions, let’s take a closer look at the effects of restraining feelings.

What price do you pay?

Dr. John Demartini, human behaviour specialist, explains that within every disease, mood or experience there are multiple related emotions. When these emotions are acknowledged and dealt with to the point that they no longer adversely affect one on any level (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) then one can say that these emotions are released. Emotions which are held are stored in the body as aches, inflammation, illness etc. These emotions may cause thought patterns to flare up which are self-sabotaging, critical or victimising. They can even result in a blockage between the self and the divine.

What would you prefer instead?

Having worked with thousands of clients, I get to ask the question “What would you prefer instead?” a lot. A repeated answer is: happiness. Being happy means different things to different people. Generally, common feelings linked with happiness are comfort, calm, security, knowingness, joy, pleasure, energy and love.

Evoking feelings of love, joy, peace is as easy as using your imagination. Through repetition the brain will eventually use these emotions as it’s default setting, replacing previous unwanted reactions.

Sustainable solutions

Many years ago when I experienced fibromyalgia I came face to face with all my suppressed emotions. The build up nearly crippled me, to the point that I was a non-functional mother. One day my five year old son asked me, “Mommy when are you going to die?” This was my wake-up call, I knew I had to make a change, fast.

What transpired was a rewiring of my neural patterns resulting in a ‘New Me’.

I have shared this story on my youtube channel which you can watch here.

If you need :

  • a release of stuck/suppressed emotions
  • a dose of calm, joy, love or any other uplifting feeling/s
  • a way to let go of stress/anxiety/depression/shame/guilt
  • relaxation of physical tension
  • improved sleep
  • increased energy levels
  • repair of your nervous and/or digestive system,

watch this clip where I share my experience of suppressed emotions and how it erupted into fibromyalgia.

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