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PEMF for healthy cells and a healthy body

Helping our cells to be healthy is necessary for general wellbeing, longevity and anti-aging.

What can we do about keeping our cells functioning optimally?

  1. Eat whole foods
  2. Sleep well
  3. Exercise daily
  4. Breathe deeply
  5. Think realistically
  6. Use PEMF to balance and energise your cells

What is PEMF?

First, let’s look at EMF’s of the body:

  • All cells produce their own electromagnetic frequencies and thus each one of us has our own, individual electromagnetic field around our body comprised of all the trillions of frequencies from within our body.
  • All cells communicate with each other through EMF’s.
  • Disruption of electromagnetic energy in the cells, for whatever reason, causes cellular dysfunction and can lead to disease.
  • Pulsed electromagnetic frequency sends out high vibrational frequencies to the cells in the body.
  • PEMF therapeutic devices are comprised of magnetic current which is gently pulsed into the cells of the body.
  • PEMF energises and revitalises cells and their functional ability.

What about manmade EMF?

  • Manmade electromagnetic frequencies can be harmful, such as in digital devices.
  • Harmful EMF’s disrupts the cellular metabolism.
  • Disruptive EMF’s are stressful both physically and affect our moods as well.

OK, so a gentle, pulsed electromagnetic frequency can balance out harmful EMF’s right? Correct.

And other disruptions in the cellular system, caused by other factors, can also be balanced by PEMF’s? Correct.

Can normal magnets have the same effect as PEMF?

Using an ‘everyday’ magnet, ie not too big and not too small, may have a healing affect on the body. The area on which the magnet is placed will be affected, however, full penetration of all the cells in the body will not be reached. To use magnets at home effectively one needs to know the polarity and use it accordingly. North for soothing and south for repairing. Large magnets need to be avoided as they could drain the body of energy. All in all, it is safer to use any form of magnetic therapy under the guidance of a skilled practitioner.

Before using my PEMF device on any client I muscle test to confirm:

  • PEMF will be beneficial
  • polarity required
  • area on body to place the PEMF device

PEMF’s benefits:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Improve immune system, energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, cellular regeneration through cellular detoxification
  • Accelerate tissue and bone healing
  • Relaxing and de-stressing

To experience a PEMF Treatment contact me on:

To purchase your own PEMF device, click here.

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