The Meridian Conference 2024

Sacred Wisdom online Meridian Conference

26 May 2024, 6am PT / 9am EST /  3-6 pm SAST  / 11pm NSW

On Zoom
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“Meridian knowledge helps you to understand your whole self, on all levels, for the pathways of current that are known as meridians are the interface between body and mind” – Helen Hansen.

Whether you are a practitioner with extensive knowledge of the body meridians or a novice in this field, the Meridian Conference in May 2024 is an exciting uplevel with new information to an age-old wisdom.

Testimonials for Helen and Pritam’s Meridian presentations:

Jelka Horvath (Austria) : “I have been teaching yoga for 13 years & have always felt very much “at home“ with the chakras. Helen‘s ‘Deep Dive Meridian’-online-course has totally changed my understanding of the meridians & has opened up a new world to me of teaching Yin Yoga. So … thank you Helen for this amazing gift !”

Cate Erlank (South Africa) : “This effective course is unique & powerful. If one engages properly with the material, one emerges with a knowledge of not only the position & location of the meridians, but also a sense of HOW they are & what to do about what one finds. For example, if a meridian is blocked, overworking, underworking, or diverted. I can’t recommend the Meridian Deep Dive course highly enough”.

2024 theme: Sacred Wisdom


3pm: Opening Invocation by Pritam Khalsa

3.15 pm: Dr. Zaida Rivene, kinesiologist and chiropractor, directs us to activate our life energy.
3.45 pm: Q&A

4 pm: Pritam Khalsa, kundalini teacher-trainer, guides us through unblocking emotions with meridian points.
4.30pm: Q&A

4.45 pm: Helen Hansen, kinesiologist and mind-body practitioner, demonstrates the process of finding blockage points along a meridian and how to treat vital organs using meridians.
5.15 pm: Q&A

5.30 pm: Announcement of the winner of the Meridian Deep Dive course.

5.35 pm: Interactive discussion

5.50 pm: Closing Invocation by Helen Hansen

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