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Caring wellness practitioner with a client-centered approach facilitating development and expansion of the mind-body connection in individuals of all ages. Over 20 years’ experience in mind-body programs. 

Modalities include: Kinesiology, Bach Flower Remedies, Holistic Psychology, Frequency Treatment

Mind-Body Connection benefits:
1. the physical body’s ability to self-heal
2. emotional and mental faculties to experience a paradigm shift in perspective
3. clarity of self and life purpose.

Online Therapy

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Empower yourself. Transform your life. Feel whole.
Holistic Therapy. Skype sessions.

Professional Kinesiology

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Balance your body and mind.  Muscle testing eliminates guess work.  Save time and money.

Bach Remedies

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Restore calm. Feel grounded. 
Bring harmony to emotions and mental states.
100% natural.

Frequency Healing

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Clear bacteria, pathogens, viruses
with frequency treatment- Rife tech.


“The energy psychology Skype sessions that I have been doing with Helen over the past 6 months have helped me to achieve consistent improvement in terms of balance and well being in my personal life and career. The weekly sessions are flexible and easy to conduct which enables me to make time for them in my schedule. I have noticed great improvements over the time spent with Helen and appreciate the professional and knowledgeable approach offered by her.”
Michael Spinks
Head of Design / Nando's
I had three kinesiology sessions with Helen and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. Helen managed each session professionally, paying attention to each detail and guiding me through the process with care. Having completed the sessions I have noticed that I am feeling more balanced emotionally and physically. With each session I have left feeling a greater sense of peace and calmness and more clearer in my thinking. The sessions have also helped to guide my dietary choices - I have been more inspired to eat healthily and specifically to the nutrition that my body needed. Helen also guided me appropriately around using tissue salts and bach remedies. The sessions have also supported me to feel less anxious which has has helped me feel netter physically on a day to day basis. I have loved the sessions with Helen and wish to continue them with her as I am feeling the benefits.
Sarah Braithwaite
I have been using the Biomat in conjunction with other healing modalities for almost three months now and have noticed some very note worthy changes. I find the biomat to  be very soothing on my body, specifically my muscles and joints. The deep relaxation leaves me feeling rejuvenate and balanced. I have been on a healing journey over the last few years and having tried so many different healing modalities, I would say the biomat is one of the best modalities I have found thus far. Since going for sessions it has sped up my healing process by reducing inflammation in my body and assisting my medication to work more effectively in my body. I am sleeping much better and my stress levels have improved hugely. I will always prioritize biomat sessions into my weekly routine as a way to maintain good health, not only physically but emotionally too
Sarah Braithwaite
Life Coach
Being new to Kinesiology, Helen explained the process in a easily understood manner, made me feel safe and comfortable in what I could expect during the session. I was amazed at the power of the mind and body link and how my body was telling me what emotions I was feeling and what was required to heal myself. Since the session I have incorporated what I have learned into my daily eating habits and exercise routines and it has made a huge difference in my emotional state on how I feel about food and exercise. I feel more energised and happy that what I am trying is working for me. I highly recommend a kinesiology session with Helen!
Zelda Meyerhoff
"As a radio host facilitating various discussions with a variety of practitioners on energetic transformation, I have hosted Helen Hansen on many occasions in discussion on transformation practices. Helen has an innate ability to translate effective tools that one can use easily to release negative patterning. Helen applies an integrated understanding of multi disciplines with sensitivity to the human dna. Her practices are easily accessible with attainable mind-body techniques. If you are stuck in any way within any part of your life, I recommend that you entrust Helen to guide you to change up your life with ease."
Angela Ludek
#Tribe Radio Presenter / Radio 2000
"The breathing technique helped me move deeper into the experience. It was incredibly grounding and I am still working through the substantial effects!!! It really is a powerful process!"
Being new to Kinesiology, Helen explained the process in a easily understood manner, made me feel safe and comfortable in what I could expect during the session. I was amazed at the power of the mind and body link and how my body was telling me what emotions I was feeling and what was required to heal myself. Since the session I have incorporated what I have learned into my daily eating habits and exercise routines and it has made a huge difference in my emotional state on how I feel about food and exercise. I feel more energised and happy that what I am trying is working for me. I highly recommend a kinesiology session with Helen!
Zelda Meyerhoff
“My experience has led to a few realisations about how I live my life and where I'm stuck. The process was simple, yet powerful as it revealed my blocks clearly and yet profoundly reminded me of my connection to something greater".
Monica Robinson
I highly recommend Helen’s work! She is a very passionate, inspired, well educated advocate for a living a balanced life.
Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova
Founder & Director / Birth Into Being
“Helen has a truly remarkable way about her. Her wisdom, experience, sense of humour, practical and hands-on approach is a breath of fresh air. Both my daughter and myself have been going to Helen with huge success. Helen is does not only facilitate, she also has a clear ability to listen, guide and create an environment of safety and gentleness. She has managed to enable great relief with my old injuries & trauma, disabling hips, concussion, anxiety, work related issues and has even helped my life-long insomnia. I leave each session with gratitude and the results speak for themselves. I can and have recommended her with great enthusiasm. As for the Bio Matt , we call it the magic carpet… bliss! Helen helped my daughter so much with eczema related concerns. After 8 years of various therapies, medication and various doctors, Helen’s sessions facilitated the turnaround with her eczema. Helen made her feel comfortable and relaxed, and my daughter loved going to sessions and doing the home support. Helen was playful, unintimidating and my daughter felt that she was listened to and that she could share what she was experiencing and feeling as well as express her fears. Kids being kids and asking of questions…Helen answered all questions with grace, true understanding and such patience! They have forged a deep bond and I am forever grateful. The magic carpet was incredible soothing and supportive. Helen also supported me in how to adapt and grow within the Parent-Child relationship, which has been very supportive. My daughter Says: Helen has really helped me to achieve more confidence at school and I am more comfortable with my eczema. I can talk to her without feeling that I will be judged. Her sessions are very fun and relaxing and helps me become a stronger person. I learn a lot from Helen.” - ZVH & Daughter
Helen, you are amazing! You put such time and energy, and thought into your work!
Jeffrey Rink
Clinical Psychologist / Ecopsychology Africa
Helen has a very gentle approach. Together with her subtle yet effective skill, via the modality of kinesiology she was able to not only facilitate an increase in my energy levels and reduce anxiety but she also created a safe space to face the emotions that surfaced. Some of my concerns were resolved quickly, others are taking longer. I have learned that the body is in flux and needs regular attention in order to shift towards some sort of balance. Kinesiology is a great modality and Helen is a lovely therapist.
Amira Harneker
“Once again Helen, thank you to you and your team for changing lives. A happy well adjusted child who has the confidence to express themselves, is a child who can control their own lives and who is, and will be as an adult, an asset to our wonderful country.”
Sheena Brunzlik
Parent / Private Client
“I have read a lot of books on child development and emotional intelligence, love languages, how to discipline with love, etc. But Helen has introduced some new concepts I have not heard of before.”
Leana Habeck
Parent / Private client
"You're the best psychologist I've ever had. Life is suddenly working out in such a smooth manner.  I am confident in my authority.  I feel capable, persistent about my dreams etc.   Thank you for the impact you're making in the world.  You have such a heart of gold."
Taneale Reddy
“Thank you for releasing me from the pain I felt. I feel as if I have a new lease on life and a fresh start”.
“I highly recommend Helen Hansen as a Birth into Being facilitator. The approach of this Modality is unique, in that it is totally loving and gentle. In the space of love and safety, I relaxed totally and reframed my traumatic birth and the relationship with my parents, in a transformational way under Helen’s soft guidance. I was touched deeply by this profound experience and gently responded thereafter by saying to her, “You are born to do this!”
Hilde Light
Healer / Innergise
The subconscious reprogramming experience with Helen worked on things I hadn’t addressed before. It has helped me embrace my purpose. This has been life changing for me. I would recommend this experience for everyone.
Veronica Haupt
Energy Healer
Helen Hansen did a fantastic job as a motivational speaker on Inspiration, the audience was completely engaged, inspired and motivated by the event. Her experiential exercises bring to light the answers within.
Salochanee Reddy
Founder & Managing Director / The Equilibrium Centre for Wellbeing
In an era of parents who both work, and who are consumed with the busy-ness of life, it is refreshing to find someone like Helen, who teaches conscious parenting to those who are struggling to find the balance. I am sure many have benefited and will benefit in the future.
Mary-Ann Shearer
Health Expert and 'Natural Way' author / The Natural Way
“I recently had a great opportunity to participate in a workshop conducted by Helen Hansen at the offices of 3D Deco. At first, I must admit, I was uncertain of what the outcome would be based on my own reservations. Within minutes after starting I felt assured that this was a safe environment to learn and be thought on ways that I could be a better person, a better friend and certainly a better team player. The session was strategic and invaluable and I would certainly recommend it to everyone looking to enhance their lifestyle and focus on their own personal development.”
Leonie de Sousa
Sales Consultant / 3D Deco
Helen brings her considerable experience, knowledge, compassion, sensitivity and skill to the healing art of kinesiology. During my session's she demonstrated an amazing ability to facilitate the established protocols with our own deep inate wisdom to bring meaningful insights and real assistance. As a natural sceptic I rarely recommend anyone. With Helen I have no hesitation at all.
Paul Carlos
Yoga Teacher / Sacred Spiral
Blending a delightful variety of references, images and the wisdom of her own experience, Helen Hansen inspires us to meet young children with confident and joyful creativity. You can turn to her guide-book to boost self-esteem and important parenting skills.
Nancy Mellon
Storyteller, Psychotherapist, Author / Healing Stories
“At the time [of taking the Bach flower remedies] I was having to make a really difficult life decision. I went through the bottle quite quickly and I was amazed at how much they helped. I felt so peaceful around the entire situation and I was able to let go and allow the situation to unfold organically”
Shanna Petersen
Yoga & Pilates instructor
“The Inspirational E-Guide is a great course. Learned a lot and feel I’m a more conscious parent now. Would recommend it to any parent!”
Esmarel Gasman
Parent / Hollard
“Thank you for sharing with us your valuable insights. Your presentation was superb and informative.”
Mr C. Phillips
Principal / Delrado Primary School

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