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Welcome to a variety of self-study holistic health courses

All of our courses are practical guides with real techniques to help you understand the human body and mind, both physically and metaphysically. Skills from these courses will help you to assess a health status; know how to access solutions for mind-body issues; empower you with the ability to self-treat or to use appropriate methods to care for a loved one or client.


18 December '23 - 31 January '24

This Festive season we’re offering you a package of these 3 for the price of 2, where our third signature course is complimentary. All courses are self-study which means you can learn at leisure, no pressure.

Gain a deeper awareness of your physical systems and how they work together as a whole with the Meridian Deep Dive 10 module course.

Then, learn how to test others and yourself to know what is best for the unique system you are testing. The 6 module Muscle Testing course, aka Frequency Testing course, shows you step-by-step how to test for most effective supplements, foods, body products, house-hold products and more.

In addition, knowing what items are not good for your system/s will help you to confirm which meridians need extra treatment. Along with the physical symptoms that show up in stressed meridians, there are psychological aspects too.

The Archetypal Psychology course of 6 modules guides you to access and work effectively with your shadows and your gifts. An understanding of the 4 common archetypes that we all share benefits the process of muscle testing. The Saboteur can sometimes show up in an attempt to sabotage information coming through so knowledge of how to deal with this archetype will serve in your favor.

Kindly note that the above combo special only applies to our Full Course payment option.

Meridian Deep Dive self-study Course

Become a holistic health technician with meridian therapy.

Who is this course for?

Meridian Activation - audio guide set

Tune in to your meridians with these audio tracks which will guide you to access  and activate your meridian system.  Meridian activation nourishes health and wellbeing, clears toxins and restores vitality.

This set of 11 audio tracks (approx. 15 minutes each) is comprised of 3 theory guides and 8 practical guides.

The meridians covered: central nervous system + kidney + liver + heart + circulatory-reproductive + spleen + lung meridians.

Included in the theory you will create your own 5 element chart. You will learn about the basic function of the related meridians and how to treat them.

Nutrition Testing aka Muscle Testing self-study course

With the process of muscle testing you can confirm which supplements and food sources are the right one’s for the unique system that is being tested.  You can easily test yourself or others.  In a matter of seconds you can find out if your unique system will react adversely to the item in question. You will be taught how to check the % level of benefit to compare items.  It’s quick and easy, when you know how.

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Archetypal Psychology self-study course

Archetypes are widely understood universal patterns. These patterns are found everywhere in life, from the weather to food to music,  spirituality,  personal relationships, emotional triggers… and more!  When you understand the universal patterns then you can navigate through life meaningfully.

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Transforming Strong Emotions into Conscious Energy

Transforming Strong Emotions into Conscious Energy – 3 Lesson Self-Help course in audio format.

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Mindful Parenting self-study course

Understanding your child as well as yourself as a parent or care-giver is vital. Awareness of both is critical for having a successful relationship with your child.

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Rebirthing - audio guide set

If you are struggling with love, health, over powering emotions, life direction or childhood wounds then a gentle, joyful experience of receiving refreshing, uplifting imprints into the subconscious brain may assist you to shift into the gear of flow.

Who is this course for?

Course creator & presenter


Helen Hansen is a kinesiologist specialising in meridian therapy, archetypal psychology and mind-body healthcare.

Helen has been active in mind-body healing for twenty five years. Her own health journey alongside the healing journey of thousands of her clients culminated in the compilation of these courses. Helen’s intention is to educate holistically in order to empower mindfully.

Our free guided audio tracks inspire balance and calm for the body and mind. We offer personalised meditations on request.


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