5 Element/Phase Chart

The 5 Element/Phase Chart

You are welcome to download this chart for your personal use.

This cycle of the 5 phases referred to in Traditional Chinese Medicine lets you see at a glance yin-yang meridians in each phase, the time that each meridian and organ is most active and the related emotions.

To learn to treat your own meridians please consider our Meridian Deep Dive course or the Meridian Therapy course.

You are welcome to use these tracks for yourself, your loved ones or your clients.

Tailor-made Meditations

Imagine listening to a professionally crafted audio track that has been especially scripted and recorded around your personal aspirations, desires, dreams, intentions ….. Welcome to the opportunity to have your own tailor-made meditation.
Your personalised guided audio will:

Creators of your Tailor-made Meditation

Helen Hansen‘s love for archetypal psychology, her ability to activate the holistic system, combined with her decades of experience in the creative, dramatic arts naturally resulted in the development of personalised meditations for her clients.

Paul Carlos, a musical genius, provides the sound-scapes for these audios. Paul is a sound journey artist as well as a yoga and qi-gong master and teacher trainer. His sensitivity around the unspoken and the intangible is evident in his work.

Extracts from varied personalised meditations featuring an array of healing frequencies such as 432 Hertz and also including the solfeggio range.


“I have been on a journey with Helen for some time, she has helped me along the way with various techniques and tools but the [personalised meditations] has been a game changer. I have been able to spend time working with Helen feeding in bits of inspiration and guidance that I have received through my daily rituals and experiences. It is as if we walk the journey together, Helen becomes the scribe and the illustrator for what is coming through in my journey which helps me to collate the guidance and experience it in the most beneficial way. I have thoroughly enjoyed the groundwork we have done and will continue to evolve my guided visualisation with her help. Thank you Helen.” – Michael Spinks

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