Meridian Deep Dive – self-study course

The Meridian Deep Dive Course is comprised of 10 modules, each consisting of a video presentation, an audio guide and a text and graphic summary in pdf format. The videos, audios and pdf’s are all downloadable which means that once purchased they are yours to keep and thus you have the leisure of using the material at any time.

Course Presenters

Throughout her practice of kinesiology, Helen Hansen has continued to be awed by the powerful influence of meridian treatment for the benefit of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. An important part of Helen’s sessions is sharing self-healing techniques. When one has the knowledge of the body and the wisdom to communicate effectively with one’s own holistic being then one is empowered to think, respond and live meaningfully. Helen’s inspiration for self-therapy coupled with her deep experience of meridians are the fueling factors of The Meridian Course.

Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer, Pritam Khalsa, says: “The meridians run longitudinally between crown and feet. The practice of yoga builds a plasticity and three-dimensionality within which the meridians are beautifully impacted. Yoga is the art of layered benefit, much can fall into a homeostatic balance through the practice of asana, mental focus and prayer. Learning of these strata of benefit builds a good motivation for life-long practice!’

Meridian Therapy

Course Outline

Module 1
Introduction to the map of meridians including the Chinese 5 elements. Understanding the different parts of the meridians, their layers and reflex points. A short exercise to stimulate optimal meridian flow and communication.

Module 2 – 9
Each module will cover a specific meridian and include the following:

Focus meridians:

Module 10
Answers to FAQ’s. Full exercise set including the 8 meridians covered.

The Meridian Course WhatsApp group

This is a support group where you can ask questions to the presenters of the course as well as share your experience of the course.

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