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In the process of Muscle Testing, options for an individual’s health and wellbeing are tested in relation to their current physical, mental and emotional status. Muscle Testing results are always unique to the individual assessed.

Want to know what’s really good for you/another? Muscle Test!

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Course Presenter

Helen Hansen has been a professionally practicing kinesiologist since 2016 and up until 2022 was in full time practice for six years. Currently she is in part time practice as she is now also focusing on sharing the skills of muscle testing, meridian therapy and archetypal psychology through online courses. During her full time practice Helen was continually researching the science of muscle testing always striving to understand the mechanics and quantum mechanics at a deeper level. The highlights of her research is shared in this course.

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Module 1

Module 2

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Module 6

The Muscle Testing Course WhatsApp group

This is an ongoing support group where you can ask questions to the presenter of the course as well as share your experience of the course.

Who is this course for?

Benefits of doing this course:

In the health profession muscle testing is used by kinesiologists, chiropractors and some physiotherapists and doctors.

Course details

All material is for you to download and use in your own time.

6 modules of videos + pdf’s 

Note that once payment has been made online you’ll be redirected to the ‘course download’ page. Here you’ll find various Module links to download all the material.

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